No sound when connected to external monitor

No more Monitor doesn't have speakers, when using my PC I plug my headphones straight to the PC One of my biggest pet peeves is external free standing speakers. It least my old pc monitor with speakers. Sep 26, 2017 · For example, in Windows 10 if you play a movie in the Moves & TV app, your system will not enter sleep mode. 2. It worked “plug-n-play” when first connected. I can turn speaker on or off, but still no I get 4K at 60Hz on the monitor but to fill the monitor screen, I do adjust the Surface Book screen to a 16:9 resolution in Settings. 7) and installing them manually (right click on the *. I use NoMachine to remote control the machine. Change the mode to HDMI output Stereo. Which tells the amp to turn off the monitor. Jul 20, 2016 · Adjust External Display Settings. Controlling the LCD monitor via RS-232C Remote Control. 0/1 adapter to plug in a HDMI monitor. The computer is connected an external monitor, but there is no sound? With the upgrade of computer hardware, the interface of the external monitor on the notebook is not only a kind of VGA. It is identical in every other way to HDMI, so only a converter would be needed if the monitor Dec 04, 2019 · I've bought a USB-C to 3. May 12, 2020 · If you need help setting up your external monitors, see How to use multiple monitors in Windows 10. 1x monitor to HDMI and other to VGA. Connect another audio output device Aug 30, 2017 · Note that iPad sound will also be sent to the HDMI connection, so you wnat a monitor with speakers (TV set is best). Aug 19, 2016 · Fix No Audio Problem When Connecting PC to TV Latest update on August 19, 2016 at 10:13 AM by Olivia Long . * The computers audio is on mute, unmute it, or the volume is set to low, increase the volume. Once there you can adjust the brightness of the external monitor and tailor the iPad Pro's output to it Nov 25, 2018 · Yes, you can buy a USB 3. analog wire from the PC to the monitor. ) and the TV. Oct 30, 2013 · I am currently using a BenQ GW2260M 21. Jun 01, 2013 · Only some monitor models feature built in speakers, for most monitors there are no speakers, you would need to use separate external speakers connected to your computer audio output. I do not know why the audio does not go to the monitor. The picture is fine on the external monitor, but I get no audio signal from the monitor speakers. At the bottom right, select the time. Applicable The image shows that the external monitor (A) and the camera (B) There is no image, the screen is blank or no sound is heard on the Clip-on LCD Monitor. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and it was working absolutely fine without any problem. For many months, it worked well for both picture and sound, but it all the sudden stop outputting sound to external monitor. I am using a standard mini DisplayPort to When I unplug the HDMI monitor the sound comes back to the laptop. If the power cord is removable from the back of the monitor, try replacing it with another power cable. If so enable it. My laptop is connected to the monitor via HDMI cable. If there is not a separate power button, turn the Aug 18, 2017 · One monitor is connected to the laptop docking station via HDMI cable One monitor is connected to the laptop docking station via VGA cable The speakers are connected to the monitor with the 3. I've opened the side of my case, so I can verify that things do indeed turned on; at least to some extent. Also, I can’t log in or anything without seeing what I’m doing. I have tried to activate the HDMI in the sound, but it appears to remain disconnected. Perhaps I will just invest in some external speakers and use them instead if I cannot get the monitor to work correctly. No sound with DisplayPort or HDMI Video cable connection System loses sound when a display is connected using a DisplayPort or High Definition Media Interface (HDMI). Most laptops utilize on or more of the following connections: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or USB-C (Thunderbolt 3). . If there is still no sound coming from your Vizio TV, it may be a fault or a settings issue. Visually inspect the pins on the LCD cable and logic board LCD connector, to check for any melted plastic or burnt pins. attached on the monitor. So what do you see in the area I've circled in red in the attached screenshot? The headset is the current default, as indicated by the green check mark on it, but as you can see, I can select my Speakers/Headphones device and click Set Default if desired. Use the far right encoder to select the sound source you want to monitor (optional) Adjust the monitor’s input level with Source Trim. 5mm "headphones style" input cable , simply plugging the speakers into the monitor's output jack should deliver sound, provided HDMI is being used for video input. Mar 04, 2020 · With an external monitor connected to the MacBook Pro 16-inch (no matter port) 99. Or if you have the audio volume button in your menubar, you could select it through OPTION + click on audio button. Even Groove doesn't play any sound on my external monitor. 35. Can I change the settings on the Yoga to allow the sound to come from the computer speakers when plugged into an external monitor using mini HDMI? Jan 21, 2017 · I have a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016) running macOS Sierra (Version 10. Mar 31, 2014 · I’m a PC user trying to help my wife get her new iMAC to recognize an external monitor. Jan 31, 2020 · Connect your TV to an external audio system for audio sources that originate from – or must pass through – your TV internally, such as over-the-air broadcasts, or, if you have a Smart TV, connect audio from streaming content, using one of the above options that you may have access to. DVI carries no sound. Verify the speakers are powered on and the power LED is on. Then re-connect your external monitors and make sure all is working well. Audio-in port (recognized as green port): It needs to be connected to the PC if you want to play audio from monitor by using VGA or DVI signal ports. NO SOUND with Studio Monitors through interface with Cubase!! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. It will also check the general settings in the windows media player no sound issue: 2. In addition to the adapter, you need an appropriate Top comment "This replaces a Vizio 24" tv/monitor on my mac mini and I like it much better, it provides a great picture without the glare that the Vizio caused so if you want a monitor that isn't as harsh this is a great buyI like that the monitor screen is wide enough so that it is easy to minimize a few screens and line them up next to each other so that I can simultaneously be working on The multitude of apps available in the iTunes App Store turn your iPhone into a pocket-sized computer -- but the pocket-sized touchscreen can make prolonged use of those apps a challenge. It wasn't until 3 months later when I'm messing around with the settings in HDMI mode when I see volume control. If the app is connected to an external monitor via AirPlay or the wired Digital AV Adapter, audio will play through the external monitor speakers by default. I share your issue Netflix showing up "only" in HD on my Surface while when I run Netflix through the Xbox One S that is also connected to HDMI on the monitor I get 4K video. Press the Volume-Up button several times, or click the speaker icon and drag the slider to the right. There are two ports that are commonly confusing: i. 2), which is connected to an external monitor via Apple USB-C to HDMI adapter. Under the output tab, see  7 Feb 2018 How can I fix sound problems after connecting a second monitor to the Note that external speakers usually have separate volume controls,  Sound not playing through hdmi issue in Windows 10 can be fixed easily. There is no sound coming from the external monitor. If you're using an HDMI to DVI cable or an HDMI to DVI adapter, you'll need additional audio cables. You just transfer the video signal. I bought a mini HDMI to HDMI cable. Make sure the external display's power cable is securely connected and that your display is turned on. Press that and you should be able to disable that device for sound and it will automatically use the built in sound of your laptop. Another wrinkle is that this only seems to work when I have To set up an additional monitor, connect the monitor to your computer. Fix HDMI Sound Not Working in Smart TV when connected to Windows PC Most of the times, this problem arises because the default playback device is not set to the HDMI output device . 5% of all 16-inch MacBook Pro (including my own) have the issue where the fans are spinning even though you are doing nothing on your Mac and it's getting hot over the Touch Bar. May 01, 2020 · Select the video source on the monitor. I just conected. Just put the headset in usb 2 instead, shouldn't affect performance. To connect the external display to a laptop, locate the correct port on the body of your laptop. Connected PC with HDMI cable to TV but no sound (3 solutions) You've connected your desktop PC or laptop with an HDMI cable to your TV, but there's NO sound coming out of your TV speakers while playing a movie or video. Connecting to an external monitor I would like to be able to project the image from my notebook onto a larger monitor and get good results. Multiple monitor support is a godsend for power users as most power users out there have more than one monitors connected to their computers. Did a sound test and it was perfect, but no sound from any channel, just the show without sound. Then try re-connecting your external monitor setup. If I power my computer on with my monitor connected, I get no signal to the monitor through either HDMI or DisplayPort. If the external monitor shows a display, then we can conclude that the problem is with the screen on the laptop (possible solutions below). The monitor works fine, except when it is connected the sound is turned off at the laptop (the e … read more The issue here is that HDMI cables, as the name indicates, carry audio signals to the monitor. Click the Monitor area’s VIEW button and view the monitor page. In this issue some of the Apple’s Lightning to VGA Adapter and Lightning Digital AV Adapter are designed to connect your iPhone to an external monitor, such as a TV. Aug 01, 2019 · Step #2: Click “Sound” and then click on “Output”. 2 - Plug your external speakers into the monitor. Mar 27, 2020 · The patch can conflict with older audio drivers or with your sound card manufacturer's software. dj malicious, May 16, 2014 #19. We have noticed that some combinations of Mac computer + HDMI  You can use your notebook for giving presentations by connecting an external monitor, projector, or television to your notebook's VGA or optional HDMI port. In any computer system, the sound is produced by the computer (audio card or onboard audio). * The computer’s audio maybe disabled. Apr 08, 2020 · The external monitor should show your desktop after plugging it in. I have also tried booting to a Linux live CD, but that does not work. The input level in the Sound window "visually" illustrates an audio signal when connected to the soundflower (2ch) input. If you connect a 4096 × 2160 external monitor to a dock DisplayPort and a 4096 × 2160 external monitor to the dock USB Type-C port using a USB-Type-C-to-DisplayPort adapter, you can leave the frequency at 60 Hz. I can not get any sound at all. When the camera is connected to an external device via HDMI during movie recording, no image appears on the camera monitor. All they do is get in the way. Solution. I have tried sasian’s solution but to no avail. Make sure any connected audio cables are labelled "No Resistance". Feb 02, 2010 · And now there's no sound from the external speakers. asus transformer book t100 no sound, hdmi no audio, how to plug external monitor into asus transformer chi, i lose sound when i plug in a monitor, i plug in my hdmi cable and the sound stops, lose audio on laptop with external monitor, lose sound when plug in hdmi cable, no sound when i pluck in my monitor, no sound when i plug in hdmi cable, Plug the adapter into the monitor, then into your Chromebook. At times it is also the codec issue that leads to the problem which has been subjected. Hello, I have an Acer monitor H243HX. I use a 2nd external monitor which connects to the Lenovo USB-C port. There have been several updates to the line since that time, a key one being the addition of a larger center speaker, the C350, with a vertically aligned tweeter/midrange driver. Ok so I have a 22' LCD HD monitor. Some persons have found that they lose all sound when a secondary VDU is plugged in, but then the audio works fine when that monitor is Hello, I have an Acer monitor H243HX. If your camera is still connected to the external monitor with an HDMI cable during playback, the images will only appear on the external monitor regardless of the HDMI Info. If it works but the sound lacks in quality or something else happens buy an extra pci-e to usb3 card. Norton reviewed the fifth generation of Monitor Audio's Silver series for the magazine back in 2014. Prior to updating to Windows 10 I used to be able to plug it in via HDMI to the TV and it would automatically display correctly. Oct 28, 2019 · Step 2. I managed to get the speakers on my laptop to output sound. However, the sound might not always work after you connect another monitor to your desktop or laptop with HDMI cable. Feb 02, 2015 · And no matter what I do I can't the playback device for the docking station back. And then, Sound Controller will restart automatically so as to fix the no sound on MacBook Air/Pro problem. There are two ways you can get the right drivers for your sound card: manually or automatically. Turn the external monitor on and set to HDMI screen. I have restarted my laptop too and no difference. Aug 02, 2015 · Hi! Since upgrading to Windows 10, audio isn't passed to my external monitor anymore. The monitor does not have the speakers but has a headphone jack that connects the external PC speakers. Click on Settings. The main volume button in the windows media player is also to be clicked to ensure that the process ends in full. I have no sound from my monitor speakers - Hannspree HANNS-G 19" Widescreen Monitor I would check your cables to see if they are loose (on both ends). Feb 16, 2019 · Bought and installed myself new HP Pavilion Core i7 PC 590-p0062a with two Philips 243V monitors. Find the volume thing in your taskbar, right-click it, and select "playback devices", then select "speakers". If you see no lights on the monitor, make sure it is connected to a working wall outlet. Then the amp turns on the monitor and feeds it video. Jan 14, 2012 · Output Monitor >Not Connected >Not Connected Tried internal routing and external routing. To find out what type of cable you need, check the instructions included with your Chromebook. Select External Inputs → HDMI signal format → select the appropriate HDMI 1 - 4 → Standard format. Note If you’re having trouble setting up multiple monitors on Surface, see Troubleshoot connecting Surface to a second screen . Make sure the HDMI® cable is securely connected to both the source device (set-top box, Blu-ray Disc™ player, etc. How To Fix Sound Problem After Connecting an External Monitor In Laptop ? 23 Sep 2015 Today I have connected an external monitor via my laptop. Sometimes your computer just needs a reboot. When an audio-supported video cable is being used such as a DisplayPort or HDMI cable, Windows may change the default audio device to the audio-supported cable thinking another On the volume icon on the desktop, there should be an icon of the external HDMI device. If all is well, then disconnect external monitors and cabling and any software and drivers for said connection. No inbuilt speaker with monitor. Nowadays, laptops have definitely become must-have items for the majority of users. Previously I have had connected the SP3 via a docking station to my TV and used Netflix. If you're using a Mac Pro (Late 2013) make sure your displays are connected to the right ports. To fix the problem, you can try to update the sound driver. Also, I have external speakers connected to the monitor's audio socket (not the laptop). Apr 10, 2013 · The monitor switches on, then says "No Video Input", "Returning to Sleep Mode". Oct 16, 2019 · Open Activity Monitor and choose coreaudiod in the list of Processes. So I plugged the speaker's power cord back into the power bar the way it was before, but there is still no sound. Use the headphone or monitor/control room knobs to adjust their output level. 1 Dec 2016 If the screen is connected and switched on, you can select the speakers of your HDMI screen in System Preferences > Sound > Output. Update your Surface Dock Download the Surface Updater tool and use it to update your Surface Dock, then follow the instructions in Update your Surface Dock . Jan 07, 2015 · The only sound input available is the analog (green) wire that is similar to a headphone jack. Connect an external monitor to the laptop. Click Devices in the sidebar. Make "HDMI" the default device. Try playing an FM radio station. I remember when I got this monitor I used the Mar 21, 2020 · Windows 10, the latest and greatest in a long line of Windows Operating Systems, also has multiple monitor support. The adapters appear to have a built in graphics chip to produce the output so playing games may require a lot of fiddling to get your main GPU to output to the external display. Just got a new HD Cable box/DVR (Pace TDC778X) connected to my HD TV via HDMI and I only get audio through the TV speakers, not through my surround sound external speakers which are connected to Dec 23, 2015 · My Display Dock is connected to a Samsung SyncMaster T220HD and the sound is coming out my 950's speakers. * Adjust sound in control panel * The external display may not have built in speakers. Since Samsung monitor don't have the speaker there is no audio. Of course, few apps support this. Check the screen PCB for any liquid ingress. Boot up your laptop from a shutdown position (not restart). May 07, 2020 · For more info on troubleshooting your external monitor, go to Trouble connecting Surface to a second screen. [Fix] No Sound Coming from Headphones or External Speakers Connected to Your Mobile Phone. It's funny though, my monitor has a volume button for some reason, yet it doesn't output sound. In this case, ensure the computer has disabled audio output through the monitor cable or the monitor will default to using it instead of the audio cable, resulting in no sound. Display setting and whether the File Format is set to 4K or HD. The laptop software sound software recognized the HPMONITO I have a C24F390FHN (24" wide-screen curved monitor) which is supposed to be able to play sound when connected to a compatible HDMI device that plays sound. So the sound is there but is not coming out of the speakers. Leave 2 sensors in usb 3. Go to Start>Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab. If audio works when you change the feed, it is the feed and not the TV. Now i'm guessing this is because HDMI is a display and audio cable. Then, upgrade to 8. When using a LAN cable, do not connect to a peripheral device with wiring that might have To input audio signal from external equipment such as a computer or DVD  2 Aug 2015 Hi! Since upgrading to Windows 10, audio isn't passed to my external monitor anymore. ★ Check if your DVD player switch settings is correct. I have a new LG 29um60-p monitor that I am bringing in the output of a Cisco DTA 271HD cable tuner. To check, click the check speaker option (the green color icon) and see if the volume meter will respond. You can make all of your displays mirror each other, or extend your workspace with different apps and windows on each display. Make sure one end of the video cable is firmly connected to the back panel of the monitor and the other end into the computer. Check if the audio source and the Apr 06, 2019 · Obviously, if the monitor has no speaker, it cannot produce sound! However, the sound can be sent to the monitor over HDMI and there will (almost certainly) be a way to connect the monitor to a speaker system. If you are still having sound issues it can be your usb 3 controller getting overloaded. No sound when macbook pro is connected to dual monitor display via HDMI Solved I know that the HDMI cable grabs the audio signal as well, and my monitors don't have speakers (that I know of). 21 Oct 2016 -Update: If what you want is sound coming out of your TV/Monitor, you want to select the HDMI / DVI No sound when using HDMI on laptop. I checked to make sure the audio wire was still connected and it is. If there is, please disconnect that cable and try the speakers again. , got it set up , connected to the internet, Netflix worked perfectly, switched source to cable and auto setup the channels, then scrolled through and stopped on several stations had fine pictures but absolutely no sound. It's a bit annoying but you probably have headphones on, so you will not notice it. And then, Quit the Process. If you have external speakers you can plug them into the audio out slot on the back of the monitor and the problem will be solved. Picture of the back: Mar 18, 2020 · Part 1 The need to connect an external monitor or screen to your current laptop. XxGingerSharkxX Posts: 5 NerveGear. You may also be able to connect to an external display device by using the HDMI line shown below. I only have one output device option to select which is PHL 243V7 (Inter (R) Display Audio). Unlike DVI, VGA, displayport, etc. No Sound. Solution 3: Update the Sound Driver. Check if you hear sound from the TV after completing each step. Nov 22, 2008 · I found the Fn and equivalent of the CRT/LCD on my Acer laptop, but the problem is, the screen of my laptop itself is not working, so when I push the button I have no idea whats happening (it’s connected to an external monitor). Plug one end of an  English-30. ★ Another possible cause to no sound coming from DVD player is the selected audio track that the device might be powerless to handle. After a lot of think, I can realize that it If the screen is connected and switched on, you can select the speakers of your HDMI screen in System Preferences > Sound > Output. If you are not satisfied with all the solutions above, you might need an overhaul on the MacBook Air/Pro from Apple. Make sure there are no cables connected to the Headphone Jack (located next to the AUDIO IN port) on the monitor. Simply connect your computer to your external display with the proper cable/s (and adapters, if necessary) and make sure the monitor is powered on. If you’re watching something on an external display, the system might enter sleep mode if you’re inactive too long. Jul 19, 2017 · A PC monitor only gets visual through hdmi from GPU and sound from the soundcard. 5mm jack adapter, but I don't seem to be getting any output through the external speakers I've connected. Here also you can set the volume manually to 80-90% by un-checking the ‘Automatically adjust Speakers settings’. If you are using the USB Display function, turn on the Output audio from the projector setting in the EPSON USB Display Settings program on your computer. When I got my monitor, I looked and didn't see any, and I just assumed the thing had no audio period. Sep 07, 2019 · isn't low or muted. Scroll down to Sound, Video and If you don't hear sound from a device connected to your Bose® system, try the following: Check to see if the problem occurs with external sources only. I used my PS3 on my monitor, but I also used the RCA cables to pipe the sound through my PC. Next, verify the monitor has power by looking for a blue, green, or orange light on the front or bottom of the monitor's bezel. Check for volume and mute to adjust sound settings back to normal. It sucks playing something with no sound . 12. Verify that the audio cable is connected to the AUDIO OUT or LINE OUT output on the Sound Card and plugged into the AUDIO IN or LINE IN of the Monitor. Also, check the backlight cable screen side too, this may be disconnected (right next to LCD cable). Not all televisions and other devices support HDMI. 1. I do get sound through the head phone jack connection. Visit your local music store, they probably carry an array of Monitor Speakers designed specifically for the kind of critical listening you’ll need to record. XP does not have "show disconnected devices". Select Settings . If you select Off while SIMPLINK is enabled, the audio output setting is restored to the default setting. To select the video source, press the button that says "Input", "Source". Dec 11, 2013 · Typically when you plug in an HDMI or DP cable Windows is going to default sound to that output even if the connected monitor does not have sound capabilities. But the monitor is a little slow to sync, so by the time that Windows 7 detects if a monitor is connected, it decides NO, the monitor didn't wake up, and goes through full disconnection logic, thus shutting off the DisplayPort output. They are connected via a HDMI cable. To adjust the settings for your monitor, open the Apple menu and go to System Preferences > Displays. Despite my best effort, I cannot get the sound to work, whether or not I hook it up to a pair of speakers. This tutorial will show you step by step how to solve this sound problem in Windows 7, 8, 8. I have and ASUS TP501U Laptop that I like to connect Jun 07, 2019 · New Samsung smart tv. 1 and 10. One of the most common issues that arises when connecting a PC to a television through a cable is the loss of sound. 'external speakers' would be no different in connection that the monitor. For example, you connect your Windows 10 to a Smart TV or another HDMI monitor. Show your Chromebook screen on your monitor. Your hdmi no sound problem can be caused by corrupt or missing audio driver issues. 9. With an external display connected to your Mac, you can choose to mirror your screen or extend your 1. You can do this by pressing the Set Default Apr 21, 2019 · When in doubt, if a piece of PC hardware isn't working, check the drivers. The main reason for signal disruption include cables not correctly connected to the corresponding device input/output ports or faulty hardware. Whether you are connecting your external monitor to your Mac notebook using HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, DVI, Mini-DVI, or Micro-DVI, the process is exactly the same. 04 server that has no external monitor connected. If the problem occurs with the radio, see No sound from internal source. How to Fix Broken Audio on Windows 10 If your audio isn't working on your Windows 10 computer, walk through these steps in sequence until the audio is restored to your system. in order to ensure uninterrupted audio output. On your Chromebook, click the status area at the bottom-right corner of the screen and select the connected external screen. Video is perfect but no sound. I have the computer connected to an AV Receiver that in turn is connected to the TV set. You can connect your Chromebook to a monitor or TV with an HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI or VGA port. Apr 24, 2020 · Use external monitors with your Mac Learn how to connect another display to your Mac and choose how your displays work together. The system has detected the earphone or external speakers when plugged into the jack and unplugged. I have an Ubuntu 14. Click the Bluetooth speakers you paired with your computer. Ensure no loose objects are touching the soundbar. Previously, I relayed the sound through a TV that I was replacing with the monitor. I can get sound on my monitor speakers but nothing else. Picture is continued to be displayed OK. my subwoofers when playing xbox but the only audio im getting is the For example, if you have external speakers that connect using a 3. Right-click the speaker icon on the task bar and choose View Volume Controls. Apr 11, 2020 · Windows 10: [Windows 10] Can't Hear People in Xbox Party When Connected To External Monitor Discus and support [Windows 10] Can't Hear People in Xbox Party When Connected To External Monitor in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; When I'm in an Xbox party using the Xbox console companion applicatIon, I can hear other people just fine. I was too happy, but it's a matter of shit that my speaker and headphone sound is not  Go to the sound menu at the top of the screen and click preferences. Apr 28, 2020 · While connecting an external display is usually a plug-and-play process, occasionally, Windows 10 may not be able to detect the second monitor as a result of hardware or driver related issues Note: Older computers may not transmit sound through the monitor cable (HDMI or DVI) and will need to also connect an audio cable. (This applies only to Vista & 7. Check external audio. 5 audio jack (green) and USB for charging The speaker volume is turned up and monitor is selected in the control panel Feb 17, 2017 · I have a Lenovo Yoga C930 laptop. So now you have to hold a keyboard key to make a feature visible that was always visible before? Found the “detect displays” button, but still doesn’t work. -----Your current connection (VGA) is an analog display which does NOT carry sound. Note that you must be connected to an external monitor through a HDMI cable to see HDMI output option. Sometimes you need an adaptor cable to do this. But there is no sound coming from the external speakers when playing a movie from the laptop (sound does come from laptop sp Apr 03, 2020 · Check the connections to your Mac and external displays: If you're using an Apple notebook, try connecting its power adapter. The audio, however, is still from the laptop build-in speaker though the video can be seen from the external monitor. inf file) - still no luck. If you have a surround sound system or other high end audio components hooked up that are not on your desk, that is a different story. Click the Start Menu and type "device manager," pressing Enter when the option appears. Dec 15, 2018 · If you have a cable box connected, stream something over WiFi or connect a laptop or mobile and cast something to the TV. Alternatively , execute the command alsa-mixer. Here are the options you might want to tweak: Choose to mirror your desktop. Some reason I can't get any volume to come out, usually I wouldn't care, but I like to hook up my PS3/360 to if my kid/wife are using the HDTV in the family room. But there is no sound coming from the external speakers when playing a movie from the laptop (sound does come from laptop sp I have a yoga pro 2 and I want to connect to an external monitor. Codec and plug-in issues. The camera screen display is off. Jan 29, 2018 · If I connect the monitor the sound disappears. I have connected my laptop with Samsung through the Hdmi. I was thinking my wifes old HP monitor was giving up the ghost, so I bought her a new Sceptre from WallyWorld. Select Mirror Internal Display. If there is no sound coming from the audio device connected to your computer, the issue might be caused by an application controlling that device and preventing other applications from using it. Previously I have had connected the SP3 via a docking  15 Oct 2015 It is also possible to connect an external PC using the audio, USB a USB cable that is as short as possible and is no longer than 5 metres. Reports of no sound came rolling in. I have the volume on it turned all the way up to 100, as well as the volume on my computer turned all the to 100, and I cannot get any sound to play out of the monitor speakers. If the headphones or external speakers are connected to USB port then, Step #1: Open “Apple” menu and then click on “System Preferences”. I shut the lid of the laptop. If you want to have sound on an external speaker or tv, then you will need one more cable that you will plug to the headphones port of your PC and to the TV on the other end, or different speakers. ) Post Connection Problems: Mar 18, 2020 · Sound & Vision's Thomas J. What I want is a passthrough of the sound, so the receiver can decode it and display the picture. Set TV as default. Bluetooth speakers connected successfully with your laptop, but when you play the music you get no sound from the speakers? Many users experience problems when using a Bluetooth connection in Windows. I just installed W7 on a X58 classy and i cannot get any sound to come out of the speakers i plug into back of the motherboard. Check Power and Cables. when I read the specs stating it didn't have a HDMI connector (just a vga and a DVI), I also purchased a DVI to HDMI connector. Or if you have the audio  If the monitors do not have speakers, naturally there will be no sound. A laptop prides itself on having a myriad amount of benefits, including its portability, convenience as well as efficiency. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to adjust the external display settings directly on your Chromebook. Open Settings > Display & Brightness and then select the display that's currently connected. In fact, Windows 10 is rather good at handling more than one monitor. Headphone jack is connected, but no sound is heard USB streaming or external audio source is not playing music and volume is 0% 1. This should come through whatever monitor the HDMI ™ is connected to. Now the next day, no luck. For example, if I connect Netflix with the monitor hooked up, I see a speak tab, with a bar on it. ” From within System Settings, select “Sound” from the settings window. HDMI carries sound, but that doesn't mean the monitor will have speakers. I am trying to take the audio out from my laptop and connecting to my hi-fi system and there is no audio Yoga 900 External Monitor Flickers and No Sound 2017-01-09, 23:40 PM I have had a Yoga 900 for 8 months and had no problems connecting to my TV and monitor with a USBc-to-HDMI adapter. I was too happy, but it's a matter of shit that my speaker and headphone sound is not working. In the "Device" section, select Displays. Adding a second VDU to a desktop or laptop is a great way to expand the Windows desktop. Sep 26, 2007 · It's about 6 months old now, I have 2 USB slots and 1 green for sound and 1 pink for a MIC. 5inch monitor as a screen for my xBox 360. If the computer is connected to an HDMI or DisplayPort cable, the audio will play through speakers connected to the Monitor or TV, but there is no sound output from the Jan 16, 2014 · The manual for your monitor can be found HERE A fact sheet can be found HERE There are five buttons on the bottom right of your monitor. 6 Jan 2019 After hooking this up, I am not getting any sound from my external speakers. If "HDMI" is not there, right click in the white area and look under "Show Disconnected Devices" or "Show Disabled Devices" and see if it is there. Needless to say, I had Mar 31, 2020 · d. Therefore if the monitor has no built in speakers then there will be no sound. If your PC has an only single audio port, then click on “Use audio port for” and select Sound Output and select the external speakers. Thanks anyway! Assuming the monitor has speaker (s) - the web page doesn't mention it does - you need to tell Windows to output audio over the HDMI connected device. If I plug into a TV the sound comes from the TV so cable is OK. my xbox to it, trhough a HDMI cable, I did this becausee I want. macOS ®: Click the Apple ® Menu button at the top left of screen and select “System Settings. Mar 31, 2020 · How To Run Laptop With Lid Closed And External Monitor Connected Last Updated on: March 31, 2020 by Itechtics Staff While it is not always necessary to run laptop with lid closed and connect it to an external monitor screen, in most of the cases, the laptop is connected to the external monitor when closing the lid. I don't want to remotely connect, thanks. There are a few reasons why your external monitor may not be producing a display. I recently rolled out upgraded monitors and used the DP connection, (previously was using VGA or DPI). TV audio is played through an external audio device connected to the digital optical port or the HDMI (ARC) port. Then get all the updates for 8/8 pro. Also if I set the monitor resolution to 1920x1080 the desktop doesn't fit. Jan 19, 2020 · When I plug my laptop into my LG 4K TV or an external monitor using an HDMI cable there's a "No signal" message on the monitor/TV. I have connected my HP ENVY TOUCHSMART15 NOTEBOOK to an external HP monitor with speakers using HDMI cable. To use headphones in conjunction with an external monitor, the headphones must be connected to the external monitor speaker outputs, not directly to the iPad. After that, set the Bluetooth speakers as your default playback device. Apr 20, 2017 · Thank you both so much. Look for an on-screen indicator that the volume is rising. 3. Find the display output and input ports on your Chromebook. However, if I power on the computer with the HDMI unplugged, and then plug in the HDMI cable while booting, my monitor picks up the signal and I get a picture. If it's a problem with a connected source, check to see that the correct source is No display after turning monitor ON (not boot, black screen & no power lights) Make sure the power button on the front panel is normal for boot Check if the signal cable (VGA / DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort) is well connected and confirmed another end of the output cable has been firmly connected to computer input port (graphics card). Still getting no sound. So far, this hasn't been the case as I've already tried this with a SVGA cable and received horrible results with persistent flickering and ghosting of the image. Apr 20, 2018 · New monitor, no sound. If you are unable to hear any sound or audio from the external speakers when they are connected to your CyberPowerPC Desktop computer, please try the different steps outlined below to try and resolve your issue. Get yourself a pair of high quality studio Monitors. So how can I still get audio from my m11x while connected to an external monitor? EDIT: Yes I missed the 'i' in obvious on the title. Click Apply, then click Ok. Press the middle button (whilst there is no OSD**) This will allow you to change to volume on the monitor. When I do so, the Unity/Gnome interface doesn't see any monitors connected, so I can only use 800x600 when connecting with NoMachine. See the display’s user’s manual. Hi, Could you please advise if it is possible to connect external PC speakers directly to my BenQ GL2460 monitor? There is a green hole for "line out" on the back of the monitor. Sound does not transfer to the External Sound devices Automatically in  HDMI monitor no speakers-no sound from anywhere when connected? I have an external monitor with no speakers I use as a dual display along  When connecting your computer to an HDMI device, such as a monitor, TV, When an external sound device is not connected to the computer, the sound  23 Aug 2013 Potential audio problems when connecting a Mac to a projector using HDMI. Now nothing works. 4) Check sound settings ==> HDMI is marked as not connected. When I plug the PC up to an external monitor (video-out), I get nothing. RELATED: Master Chrome OS With These Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts If this has happened with no cause, 90% of the time this will resolve your issue. Then as andrei stated, the power light blinks. May 25, 2018 · Right-click the Sound icon on the taskbar, then choose Sounds from the list. When a No Signal message appears on the TV, the TV cannot detect a signal from an external input. @JKHigg: Most Inspirons are laptops, but this is a touch screen AIO PC. 5mm jack connection Feb 22, 2018 · No sound playback on TV through HDMI - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hello, I have tried searching myself, but I have come here for assistance. Audio keeps coming out of the monitor only Asked by fn Dec 4, 2019 Flag as inappropriate (Can you connect wired headphones or external speakers to the monitor? It doesn't appear to have a 3. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I get a very good picture but there is no sound out of the speakers. Jul 20, 2010 · I've just connected my m11x to an external monitor via HDMI and get no sound. Jul 13, 2018 · > If you are not able to hear then select the preferred device you want to use under Speaker. Re: No sound coming from a majority of games from DP connected monitor « Reply #3 on: 20-June-17, 18:24:18 » Ok, then you need to make sure the NVIDIA High Definition Audio, is the default (or active) playback device. a set of speakers moderately priced, connected it and I finally have sound. HDMI carries both video and audio. ii. Your screen will show on all connected monitors. In the sound settings, in Output tab the built-in-audio was set to Analog Stereo Duplex. No sound from the earphones or external speaker using the headphone jack. If you are having issues with a sound bar or speaker system, you may want to contact the manufacturer of the speakers for further assistance. These various connections can be seen in the images below. If you use a sound bar or surround Sounds like you connected it with an HDMI cable. Click Displays in the sidebar to open the panel. 6 Apr 2019 Obviously, if the monitor has no speaker, it cannot produce sound! I connected my laptop and external monitor vs an HDMI and VGA cord. When I disconnect the monitor the sound comes back in my laptop. Then select the output device. Tip: To view your Chromebook screen only on your monitor How to connect an external display in Windows. Have checked everything, including troubleshooting, testing but it all comes up as good. If your system does not recognize it immediately, or you would like to adjust the settings: Open the Activities overview and start typing Settings. You cannot use any external touch screen with the iPad, so you will continue to interact with the iPad touch screen. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue. To set up a Chromebook HDMI connection. I have connected my new viewsonic monitor with an HDMI cable to my FZ31S have a picture but no sound. If you are using a Mac and you do not hear sound from an HDMI source, make sure your Mac supports audio through the HDMI port. Ensure the Chromebook is turned off. or "Video Select" or something similar on the monitor or remote. Today I faced so weird and annoying problem in my mobile phone which I have never heard of. If you see an X beside it, your PC's volume is muted. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article When recording XAVC S 4K movies on a memory card inserted in the camera, the image may not be displayed on the external monitor or the camera’s monitor, depending on the Once this has been selected you can test the playback of the audio through the device. It is also possible that your primary graphics card will need to be updated. Then turn on the external monitor. Locate the speaker icon (typically to the left of the clock) in the Windows taskbar. I have a Inspiron 13 5378. Before attempting the other troubleshooting procedures in this document, restart your computer, and then test the audio to see if the problem is fixed. Enable SIMPLINK to play audio through HDMI (ARC). If you are using a monitor or TV that has multiple inputs, you will need to select the port you connected your laptop to on the monitor. It does spin up like its loading, but no picture. Please check you are connecting with the correct input/ output ports with your PC and audio device. If the monitor has an external power supply, make sure all connectors are firmly plugged in: One connector (1) plugs into the monitor; The other connector (2) plugs into an electrical outlet Jul 30, 2018 · Fix: Realtek Digital Output has No Sound If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. Monitor level controls the monitor mix’s level. Ⅲ DVD player settings problems ★ Audio not working on DVD player might result from incorrect menu settings. Your laptop will now recognize the external monitor and will acknowledge its presence. It could also be due to screen or resolution settings. I tried system restore to a date where it worked, removing all audio devices and restarting, and to download the audio drivers for the docking station (version 1. Make sure the HDMI cable is securely connected to both the   7 May 2018 If there is no cable connected into the Headphone Jack, test a pair of If there is still no audio from the monitor's speakers, connect the Audio  2 Dec 2019 When the camera is connected to an external device via HDMI during movie recording, no image appears on the camera monitor. However, if the screen does have built in Feb 03, 2013 · Today I have bought 23 inch LED Samsung(S23B350) monitor which has 1 HDMI and 1 VG]. I checked the menu options of my monitor and I couldn't find anything to get the sound to go through its speakers. Here’s a simple way to disable sleep mode when an external display is connected. I am not particularly technical so if there are straightforward step by step ways of remedying these problems I'd be grateful for any help. Next check that windows is actually making noises. Determine which connected external device is not sending a signal. go to control panel and then sounds. Check if the platform music player or external audio source is playing music. They seem to have successfully connected their wireless speakers but still, no audio is coming out. Some older laptops use VGA. Turn on the laptop. No Audio / No Sound VIZIO TV This article is intended to help you get audio when using yourTV's built-in speakers. 31. Even when I press windows+P and function+F8. To get the TV sound from external speaker, Connect TV and External Speaker (Sound receiver or home theater) with any of the below options: Option 1: With HDMI Cable-ARC Port (Best way to setup) Connecting your sound receiver to the TV with HDMI will give you the best possible audio. Aug 11, 2018 · These external audio interfaces connect to an external sound system (bypassing completely the computer’s own sound system). Once the Sound window is up, go to the Playback tab. Jul 29, 2008 · You connect to the external monitor not to the external speaker. May 17, 2013 · I’ve connected my external monitor (which works 100%) via VGA and the screen turns on for about a second, then turns off again (monitor is still on). Sep 23, 2015 · Today I have connected an external monitor via my laptop. You will see a list of audio devices. Thus the speakers Nov 21, 2013 · My laptop is connected to an external monitor by the HDMI cable. 1, update with latest updates from MS. The most common is that you need to update the display adapter driver. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. If not, the problem is likely much bigger. You can fix it by following the simple steps here. no sound when connected to external monitor

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